Meet the Owner!

Katrina Carrington, Owner and Operator

In 2018, Katrina became inspired to open the “Unique Bee Boutique” after making several trips out of town to buy high-quality fashion for business meetings and special events. Now the proud owner of a modern boutique, Katrina offers other women a blend of chic casual, business and evening attire and accessories, online and in-store.

Currently in its second year of operation, this lux boutique has been a success in making high-quality garments available to all women; and being a proponent for diversity in both fashion and her community describes why her collections are packed with designs for fashion-forward women of all ages, colors, shapes, and sizes! 

Be certain to browse through all of the collections, especially the limited editions where you'll discover some amazing rare finds. Finally, feel free to send Katrina comments or feedback. She would be happy to hear about your shopping experience or get feedback about your purchases! 




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