Meet the Owner


Katrina P. Carrington, MBA, CPA

The Boutique is an expression of modern women. Katrina, the owner and operator has always loved fashion; she would wake up early just to shop for new outfits at local shopping malls or boutiques before work! After realizing how much time trips to Raleigh took away from her family time with two children ages 4 years old & 2 months old (now grown), she made some changes that led to the opening of the Unique Bee brand.

The Unique Bee brand specializes in trendy apparel & accessories aimed toward contemporary woman who want elegant pieces designed by those committed to trendy fashions and styles for the modern, professional: sophisticated sass can be found within each piece whether its bold colors paired beautifully against softer tones.

Katrina opened a space where women could come get outfit ideas or just shop on trend pieces at moderate prices- featuring high end designers alongside vintage treasures! She's grateful for the opportunity to provide women affordable trendy fashion apparel & accessories without sacrificing quality.